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Dr. James Abrams is one of the leading LASIK surgeons and corneal specialist's having performed 20,000 successful procedures and employing the three most advanced lasers in use today. Three areas specifically distinguish Dr. Abrams in the minds of his patients:

  1. His expertise is obvious in both the results he produces and the way he conducts himself when you talk with him. He just seems to know exactly what to do for each set of eyes and gives his patients the information they need to make their best choice.
  2. When you research the most advanced technology in the LASIK field, you will find that two names are mentioned as the best, AMO's Visx, and the Intralase. Dr. Abrams has taken the time to invest in this technology because he knows it will give his patients the best results.
  3. The two major points of hesitation for most people in having LASIK is safety and, will I really achieve my goal of 20/20 vision? Dr. Abrams's track record speaks volumes about the safety element and his confidence in his ability to produce 20/20 or better vision is evidenced by his unique 20/20 Money Back Guarantee. If Dr. Abrams accepts you as a 20/20 Money Back patient, you can bet you'll achieve at least 20/20 vision or he will refund the fee you've paid. That level of confidence is not displayed by other surgeons in the Bay Area.

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Learn How Easy LASIK Can Be

Two Simple Steps to 20/20 or Better Vision

  1. Make sure you're a good LASIK candidate with the most comprehensive, free exam in the region.
  2. Have LASIK Friday, be back to work Monday.

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Better & Safer Than Contacts

Contacts vs LASIK? Game, Set, Match!

  • Wind, dust, sports & allergies; big problem for contacts: not a problem with LASIK.
  • Recent studies show LASIK is up to 5 times safer than contacts. When you consider the risks of scratched corneas, eye fungus or other diseases from contacts, it makes sense that LASIK proves to be much safer than contacts.
  • If you're wearing contacts, you're already paying for LASIK. Add up the costs over a twelve to fifteen year period and you've probably paid for LASIK. Low interest financing solves most budget concerns.

More Affordable Than You Think

Find out how we make LASIK affordable:

  • Our Financing Options let you tailor the cost of custom blade-free LASIK to your needs and budget — without skimping on technology, experience or results.
  • IRS approved, tax-free payment plans can save you up to 42%. Find out if you qualify.

Choose 0% financing for your LASIK. Get the benefits of LASIK now and pay it off over time or when you've got the money. It really makes more sense than buying more contacts.

3 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

LASIK is a modern technological miracle, but it's still eye surgery. Here are 3 errors to avoid when choosing your doctor for laser vision correction:

  • Don't allow yourself to be rushed during the consultation or at any point during the exam process. Demand a thorough exam and full disclosure of your suitability for the procedure.
  • Don't choose a LASIK company, choose a LASIK surgeon with an excellent personal track record — it's the personal skill and commitment of your doctor that counts.
  • Don't choose exclusively by price. Startlingly low prices such as $299, $499 or $699 per eye are deliberately misleading with fewer than 3% of applicants qualifying for the type of procedure used.

High-quality LASIK IS affordable without compromising on outcome and safety. Find Out How.

Learn About Intraocular Lenses

IOLs - Intraocular Lenses

Intraocular lenses are a technology created to help people with cataracts get rid of their cataracts and also reduce their dependency on reading glasses or bifocals. You CAN focus naturally on life close-up and at a different distances! The advanced procedure of LASIK and Intraocular Lenses performed by Dr. Abrams can provide 20/20 or better vision for thousands of people in California!

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